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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz



The Cowardly Lion.
All this time Dorothy and her companions had been walking through the thick woods.

The road was still paved with yellow brick, but these were much covered by dried branches and dead leaves from the trees, and the walking was not at all good.
There were few birds in this part of the forest, for birds love the open country where there is plenty of sunshine.

But now and then there came a deep growl from some wild animal hidden among the trees.

These sounds made the little girl's heart beat fast, for she did not know what made them; but Toto knew, and he walked close to Dorothy's side, and did not even bark in return.
"How long will it be," the child asked of the Tin Woodman, "before we are out of the forest ?" "I cannot tell," was the answer, "for I have never been to the Emerald City.

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