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The Three Musketeers


The king was winning; and as he was very avaricious, he was in an excellent humor.

Perceiving M.de Treville at a distance-- "Come here, Monsieur Captain," said he, "come here, that I may growl at you.

Do you know that his Eminence has been making fresh complaints against your Musketeers, and that with so much emotion, that this evening his Eminence is indisposed?
Ah, these Musketeers of yours are very devils--fellows to be hanged." "No, sire," replied Treville, who saw at the first glance how things would go, "on the contrary, they are good creatures, as meek as lambs, and have but one desire, I'll be their warranty.

And that is that their swords may never leave their scabbards but in your majesty's service.
But what are they to do?
The Guards of Monsieur the Cardinal are forever seeking quarrels with them, and for the honor of the corps even, the poor young men are obliged to defend themselves." "Listen to Monsieur de Treville," said the king; "listen to him! Would not one say he was speaking of a religious community?
In truth, my dear Captain, I have a great mind to take away your commission and give it to Mademoiselle de Chemerault, to whom I promised an abbey.

But don't fancy that I am going to take you on your bare word.

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