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1 October, 5 A.M .-- I went with the party to the search with an easy mind, for I think I never saw Mina so absolutely strong and well.

I am so glad that she consented to hold back and let us men do the work.
Somehow, it was a dread to me that she was in this fearful business at all, but now that her work is done, and that it is due to her energy and brains and foresight that the whole story is put together in such a way that every point tells, she may well feel that her part is finished, and that she can henceforth leave the rest to us.

We were, I think, all a little upset by the scene with Mr.Renfield.

When we came away from his room we were silent till we got back to the study.
Then Mr.Morris said to Dr.Seward, "Say, Jack, if that man wasn't attempting a bluff, he is about the sanest lunatic I ever saw.

I'm not sure, but I believe that he had some serious purpose, and if he had, it was pretty rough on him not to get a chance." Lord Godalming and I were silent, but Dr.Van Helsing added, "Friend John, you know more lunatics than I do, and I'm glad of it, for I fear that if it had been to me to decide I would before that last hysterical outburst have given him free.

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