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A Man in the Iron Mask


Chapter V.Where, Probably, Moliere Obtained His First Idea of the Bourgeois Gentilhomme.
D'Artagnan found Porthos in the adjoining chamber; but no longer an irritated Porthos, or a disappointed Porthos, but Porthos radiant, blooming, fascinating, and chattering with Moliere, who was looking upon him with a species of idolatry, and as a man would who had not only never seen anything greater, but not even ever anything so great.

Aramis went straight up to Porthos and offered him his white hand, which lost itself in the gigantic clasp of his old friend,--an operation which Aramis never hazarded without a certain uneasiness.

But the friendly pressure having been performed not too painfully for him, the bishop of Vannes passed over to Moliere.
"Well, monsieur," said he, "will you come with me to Saint-Mande ?" "I will go anywhere you like, monseigneur," answered Moliere.
"To Saint-Mande!" cried Porthos, surprised at seeing the proud bishop of Vannes fraternizing with a journeyman tailor.

"What, Aramis, are you going to take this gentleman to Saint-Mande ?" "Yes," said Aramis, smiling, "our work is pressing." "And besides, my dear Porthos," continued D'Artagnan, "M.

Moliere is not altogether what he seems." "In what way ?" asked Porthos.
"Why, this gentleman is one of M.Percerin's chief clerks, and is expected at Saint-Mande to try on the dresses which M.Fouquet has ordered for the Epicureans." "'Tis precisely so," said Moliere.
"Yes, monsieur." "Come, then, my dear M.Moliere," said Aramis, "that is, if you have done with M.du Vallon." "We have finished," replied Porthos.
"And you are satisfied ?" asked D'Artagnan.
"Completely so," replied Porthos.
Moliere took his leave of Porthos with much ceremony, and grasped the hand which the captain of the musketeers furtively offered him.
"Pray, monsieur," concluded Porthos, mincingly, "above all, be exact." "You will have your dress the day after to-morrow, monsieur le baron," answered Moliere.

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